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Sunday, 22 October 2017

Two Games

I finally got to play a couple of small games on the new table this weekend. My friend Ryan has a considerable collection of Beastmen to draw on to build his Warband; I brought both my Dwraves and my Skaven and played a game with each. As I got involved in the game and frequent trips to the rule book to reaqquaint my self with the rules I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I would have liked.

Ryan's Beastmen Raiders Warband consisted of a Chieftan with light armour and two axes; 4 Ungors with spears and a Minotaur in light armour and a two handed axe.

The Skaven were led by an Assassin Adept with light armour and fighting claws; an Eishin Sorcerer; a Black Skaven in light armour with a flail; 4 verminkin with swords and 2 Night Runners with slings.
The first scenario was Defend The Find: the Beastmen deploy in a central building and the Skaven have to dislodge them. Here the Ungors and the Minotaur guard their valuable treasure.
The Sorcerer, a couple of the Verminkin and the Black Skaven approach from the east:
The Assassain Adept and a couple Verminkin "bodyguards" come at the building from the north but are met by the Minotaur who freezes the Adept with an angry stare (some leader...) and squashes the three of the in successive turns:
Although the other members of the two warbands traded blows fairly evenly, the arrival of the Minotaur at the other skirmish ended the game with only the Night Runners surviving.

The next game I fielded Dwarves led by a Noble with heavy armour and a two handed sword. he had an Engineer with 2 pistols; a clansmen with a dwarf axe and light armour; another clansmen with a sword ,shield and light armour; a thunderer with a handgun and a beardling with an axe. The scenario we chose was Hidden Treasure.
The Beastmen set up along the western board edge:

The Dwarves set up opposite. Although the Dwarves were much closer to more buildings, their stunty legs meant that the fast moving Beastmen rapidly moved through the buildings and closed with the Dwarves. The Dwarven Noble with feathered cap and his companion Pitr the Hunter with Handgun prepare to fight running Ungors. Stan- with dwarf axe in the lower right- has just exited the building; nothing of value was found.
As in the last game the Minotaur proved to be difficult, however, the Dwarves black powder weapons eventually put a stop to him- in melee, no less, with the engineer, and Stan to remove the final wound. In the picture below, the Minotaur munches through the beardling ( left to fend for himself against the beast) before making his way towards the engineer where he would meet his death,  while Yoshi prepares to charge a lowly Ungor (just out of the picture in the building) only to be taken out of action with the first blow.
With only two buildings left to be searched I realised that I actually only had a slim chance to find the treasure as it will automatically appear in the last building searched if all the other buildings fail to yield it and discovery is made by rolling box cars on 2 dice. So I opted to charge all my models into melee and faired quite well for a few turns however my inability to either hit or wound the Chief would eventually lead to the Dwarven Noble's demise and subsequently Pitr's as well.

So 2 fun games and 2 fun losses...


  1. Great looking table! Looks like it could also be used for the soon-to-be-released "Iron Company".

  2. That is a great looking table! Love the attention to detail: it really lends a fantastic atmosphere to the games.

  3. Thank you for the compliments. I have a few more pieces I would like to finish for the table and a bit more scatter terrain then I think it will be just about done.

  4. Tasty looking table, tasty looking games!

  5. Man, love the look of your table - it's certainly an inspiration. I love the smaller details, especially the weathering in the mortar joints and the staining weather lines on the buildings.