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Monday, 31 July 2017

Finished Guild House

6 weeks in the making, the second part of the building I am calling  'The Guild House' is finally complete. As I cannot help but experiment a little with each building it is not identical to it's partner. Not a problem- I can just claim that one building is a later addition. Construction materials are the same as for part 1: Fire Dragon Games  blue foam and metal windows; Games Workshop Mordheim roof, doors and windows; foam core and balsa wood. Paints are a mix of Ceramacoat, Americana, Coat D'Arms as well as washes made with Golden Inks, Flow Enhancer and Glazing Medium.
Now all that needs to be done is a base for both buildings together. There is also a bit of trimming to aid fitting the walkway into the second building as well as a small roof section to add at the join.

Monday, 10 July 2017

After nearly a month the second part of the Guildhouse is ready for paint. This building seem to take longer to put together than the last one.
Construction is the same as the previous building: blue styrofoam and pewter windows from Firedragon Games, foamcore for the upper floors, balsa wood floor and trim, plastic windows and roof sections from Games Workshop's  Blood on The Streets terrain set. Walls are plastered with regular old drywall mud.