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Sunday, 23 April 2017

I have finished two more buildings for Kodsticklerburg. One is the other half of the Sarissa Precision English Timber Framed House and the other is a Bolt Action ruined farmhouse from Warlord:
The Sarissa Precision building is actually quite a bit yellow-er than it's other half, but it doesn't+ seem to show in the photos.
I added a bit of moss to the shingles of this building:
The Bolt Action building is quite small; I think I may have missed a wall in there but still when you look at the end wall it is still rather tiny when compared to the Sarissa Precision building. There is lots of detail to paint but I can't say that it goes together super tight. Part of that is the modular nature of the kit. I have two more of the same building that I will be making into one larger complex.
A few Dwarves sniffin' around for some wyrdstone...

Sunday, 9 April 2017

I finished my starting Dwarven warband (500 GC's). Now I have 2 warbands... if I could only find someone who wanted to play the game I would be set .
Their fearless leader (model form TAG's Dwarven Empire range:

Dwarven Engineer from Warmonger Miniatures:

Dwarf with blunderbuss (counts as a handgun) from Warmonger Miniatures:
A couple of Dwarven warriors I call The Brothers. Also from Warmonger Miniatuires:
And finally, young Schmengi, from the TAG range (he's from the artillery set with an axe added). He's either carrying the warband's bag of wyrdstone or his mom has packed him a lunch...