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Monday, 17 September 2018


My Reiklanders are done. Now I just have to find a game for them...

Captain Bismarck Du Plessis, dressed for the party in scarlet sash, a wreath of laurel and shinning breastplate; armed with a sword and duelling pistol:
Bismarck's brother, the Champion, Jannie, armed with an axe and buckler accompanied by long time compatriot Lood De Jager packing a big ol' sword and muscles:
Bismarck has enlisted two swordsmen, Eben Etzebeth and Frans Malherbe, each armed with a pair of swords.
Finally, 2 Marksmen each sporting a musket; Faf De Klerk and Elton Janjties:
This brings us to a tidy 500 gc's starting warband.

Monday, 27 August 2018

Long time, no blog...

I started a human mercenaries (Reiklanders) in anticipation of getting a few games in this fall/winter. I put them together out of a box of half built, half broken Free Company models I bought online (LAF maybe???). There is probably enough for a couple more warbands in there.
The starting line up so far:
Bismark Du Plessis: Mercenary Captain, sword, duelling pistol, heavy armour, buckler
Janni Du Plessis: Champion, axe, buckler
Lood De Jager: Champion, two handed sword, light armour
Faf De Klerk: Marksmen, handgun
Elton Janjties: Marksmen, Handgun
Eben Etzebeth: Swordsmen, 2 swords
Frans Malherbe: Swordsmen, 2 swords

Heavy armour is generally poo-pooed in Mordheim but that is what the model comes with so...

Last night I detailed some of the bases. I probably should have peeled the figures off their bases and lay the flag stones down properly but with a bit of sand and wood around the feet, from table top distance, no one will notice... I hope.