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Monday, 6 February 2017

Some unexpected down time means I was able to take a metric crapton of pictures First up , finished pictures of the 2 buildings I had shown WIP pix of yesterday.


The next building is half of a Sarissa Precision English Timber Framed House. I bought two of them, have bucked one in have with the ban saw to give me two ruins. The first two pics show one half before I get started; the second batch shows the finished product.

At this point I decided I needed some scatter terrain: crates barrels, barricades, that sort of thing. I ordered some barrels and a barricade from Thomarillion.

 I stuck a couple of barrels in a Warbases hand cart I had laying around.
I also bought some items from Micro Art Studio's Wolsung line (there are a couple of smaller stacks I haven't painted yet). The detail and casting on these is fantastic.

I ordered some loose barrels and a village well from Stronghold terrain. Also very nicely sculpted and cast.
The well consists of about 6 different parts.

Lastly, a statue and a dead tree. The statue is from Games Workshop's Osgiliath Terrain set, on a church altar I bought through Warlord Games (I can't recall the manufacturer) and some hewn stone blocks I carved into a piece of insulation foam. The tree didn't quite turn out the way I hoped but it is acceptable. It is a wooden dowel and wire armature, with Sculpey over top to bulk it out and green stuff for detailing  around the branches. The stone retaining wall is from Thomarillion (not quite as nice as the other items I bought from them, but certainly good enough).

That is the last few months for me.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Several months had passed....
Real Life Projects have caused periodic lapses in the Pursuit of Hobbyness; as a result I have been forced to pick away at stuff here and there instead of being able to focus energy and time for sustained period. Due to camera issues, now resolved, I was unable to upload pictures. Here are a couple that are (at least) 2 months old. These buildings have since been finished as well as a few other pieces for my Mordheim table.
This building is Warbases Ruined Brick Terrace that I have added stucco, shingles and timber structure to.

These buildings have (what's left of) their interiors finished. Just the exterior needs painting.