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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Ground Work Part 3

The table is nearly done. Just a few items to add however Mrs. Codsticker says there are more importanter things that need attending to 😒.

I used quite a few different products at this stage. The static grass is a mostly Heki 6mm Autumn with a few splashes of Heki 10mm Autumn. The large beige tufts are Gamers Grass beige XL and the smaller brown tufts in the creek are Army Painter Highland Tufts. The reeds are natural bristles cut from a brush and washed with dark brown ink. The dead shrubbery is a mix of Ashland Mocha Moss and coconut fibre, with a spinkling of Scenic Express SuperLeaf, mostly Fall with a bit of Moss Green. The creek was painted then coated with several heavy coats of Mod Podge Gloss. The final coat was thinned and poured on. As it was a couple of mm thick it took about 36 hours to dry.

All to do now is build a bridge. I bought a stone bridge but the span is too small so a wooden one will have to do. I also have some dead wood I am thinking of adding to the ridge. I may not use them.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Ground Work Part 2

More progress on the table. I have glued down rocks and sand; painted the murky water; inked and drybrushed the mud and rubble. I will put a few coats of gloss Modpodge on the water and add dry grass, dead branches and leaves. Oh, and make a bridge. I will either carve out the openings in the foam base to make fissures or just make sure they are covered in terrain... we will see. This could be all wrapped up next weekend! *eek*

Monday, 11 September 2017

Ground Work Part 1

I started re-purposing an old table for Kodsticklerburg. It saw many hours of play for my kids Playmobile as well as being part of a bigger table for games of 40K. I scraped off as much of the old loose flock and paint as I could and scribed paving stones into the smoothest parts and covered the roughest sections with a mix of Sculptamold and paint, some grey and some brown.

Part way through: the pavers are all scribed in and I have started putting the base coat on them:

Dark brown texture layed down:
Dark grey added:
As it stands. I have some gravel and rocks to add then I am on to washing and drybrushing: