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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Ground Work Part 3

The table is nearly done. Just a few items to add however Mrs. Codsticker says there are more importanter things that need attending to 😒.

I used quite a few different products at this stage. The static grass is a mostly Heki 6mm Autumn with a few splashes of Heki 10mm Autumn. The large beige tufts are Gamers Grass beige XL and the smaller brown tufts in the creek are Army Painter Highland Tufts. The reeds are natural bristles cut from a brush and washed with dark brown ink. The dead shrubbery is a mix of Ashland Mocha Moss and coconut fibre, with a spinkling of Scenic Express SuperLeaf, mostly Fall with a bit of Moss Green. The creek was painted then coated with several heavy coats of Mod Podge Gloss. The final coat was thinned and poured on. As it was a couple of mm thick it took about 36 hours to dry.

All to do now is build a bridge. I bought a stone bridge but the span is too small so a wooden one will have to do. I also have some dead wood I am thinking of adding to the ridge. I may not use them.


  1. Lovely looking table. Hope you get some games on it in the near future.

  2. Thanks Dave. Oct 21st is the first game deadline.

  3. Looks great! Is it a permit setup? Mine had to be packable into the car, so that we could get to the venue with it (it’s 8x6 and we play in a pub room), so I was limited to a relatively flat surface