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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Ground Work Part 4

At the beginning of September I ordered some stone walls from Fenris Games for my table. They were meant to go between the grassy area and the urban area. Unfortunately they just got shipped 2 weeks ago which means they won't be here for Oct 21st .My guess is they will either arrive the day before or the day after... so onto Plan B.

I decided to make a hedge. I wanted it to look irregular, as one that grew up naturally as opposed to a planted and maintained hedge so I chose a variety of materials: coconut fibre, a few strands of florists wire primed brown, some woodland scenics lichen (natural) and grape vine from an Ashland wreath. The base is 3mm MDF which- despite taking precautions- still managed to warp somewhat, with Sculptamold and brown house paint for texture and Heki 10mm beige static grass. The dead leaves are ScenicExpress SuperLeaf.

I still have yet to start on that bridge....


  1. Nice scenery, there's a natural vibe to it

  2. Great hedge- the warping doesn’t matter at all, I think.

    I’ve a massive bag of rubberised horsehair which I really should get around to making something with. My hedges are all the usual “straight line” ones