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Monday, 16 October 2017

Crossing Hazard

Countdown is underway... with a game this coming Saturday I had a few odds and ends to tidy up, specifically ladders and a bridge. the ladders are unremarkable: MDF from Warbases (I think). MDF ladders are just ok; no detail as such, very plain. I have since ordered some nice resin ones from Firedragon Games. I also had some plastic ladders from GW's LoTR Uruk Hai siege troops.

The bridge is made from 3/8 square balsa and popsicle sticks. Normally I would use balsa wood strips as the cut and carve easily but I didn't have enough in the size I wanted and didn't feel like running out to the hobby store. Painted with craft paint greys, washed with home made black wash and moss from Woodland Scenics fine yellow turf coated with watered down white glue and washed with green ink.

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