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Monday, 11 September 2017

I started re-purposing an old table for Kodsticklerburg. It saw many hours of play for my kids Playmobile as well as being part of a bigger table for games of 40K. I scraped off as much of the old loose flock and paint as I could and scribed paving stones into the smoothest parts and covered the roughest sections with a mix of Sculptamold and paint, some grey and some brown.

Part way through: the pavers are all scribed in and I have started putting the base coat on them:

Dark brown texture layed down:
Dark grey added:
As it stands. I have some gravel and rocks to add then I am on to washing and drybrushing:


  1. Looking good. Is it pink foam insulation on wood backing? I can't tell, does it separate into a few parts?

  2. Hi Dave, yes it is pink insulation foam. No, it doesn't separate. It looks like I used some 2'x4' sheets when I was making it; I must have been out of the 4'x8' sheets; I don't recall as it was sooo long ago. Most of the cracks are covered by the Sculptamold. Any exposed cracks I will pretend are fissures from the great cataclysm. ;)