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Sunday, 2 October 2016

 Welcome to Kodsticklerburg!

Kodsticklerburg was once a pastoral village on the outskirts of the port city of Mordheim. It's small fields carved from the forests that surround the city, Kodsticklerburg straddled a small tributary of the river Stir.  In the early days the village supplied the Knights of the Raven Order and the port with all manner of agricultural goods.

As Mordheim grew, and with it an expanding population of burghers and tradesmen, the small village (having acquired it's name from the family of blacksmiths whose business formed the heart of industry there) was eventually incorporated into the city. It's humble farm dwellings and fields giving way to multi-story urban houses and small manors; in the century before the comet, there was very little, if any sign, of the former rural nature of the area.

Since Mordheim's destruction, Kodsticklerburg is no different than the rest of the city: charred, barren and toxic. It's location close to the confluence of  the tributary and the river Stir, somewhat distant from the heart of the city as well the shanty towns of mercenaries on the outskirts, has meant that is has been relatively undisturbed by treasure seekers... until now.

This is a project that was first meant to get off the ground about 10 years ago when I bought both the Mordheim Rule book and The Best of Town Cryer in a bundle off ebay. Recent conversations with a couple of friends as well as the fact that I am nearly done my ECW Royalist project has rekindled it.

The first house is done. As I am playing with a couple of different methods for these buildings, these first two will take some time until I am settled on a method. This first house is made from mdf, with windows, doors and cornerstones from the Mordheim building sprue; balsa wood for floor boards; cedar strips for trim and Sculptamould for rubble and texture on the walls (as well as drywall mud) Primed with Armorcoat spray primer and painted with Deltacoat craft paints.

Slightly different construction technique for the second building. I found that the Sculptamould doesn;t stick so well to raw mdf so have glued the plastic windows in place and the stone half wall (Plastruct O scale sheet styrene) and then primed with grey Armorcoat. Next up I will texture the walls with drywall mud and glue on the wood trim.

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