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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Three weeks is a long time to do not very much... but I managed it! Progress on the second building has been slow- a lot of pondering has gone into it and some dithering. After priming the MDF and plastic, I textured the building with plain ol' drywall mud:
Then I laid down the woodwork:
Then I primed the whole thing again with Kilz sealer and painted the wood brown (Delta Ceramcoat's Mississippi Mud), left the exterior walls white and painted the interior green (DC Leaf Green) . After doing that I decided to add to the interior but poor initial planning meant I had to fiddle to get it to work.

I have since started on a damaged roof (again, poor planning leads to fiddling...) as well as a building from Warbases (Ruined Red Brick Terrace). Assembled here, but has since been primed. I will add texture and wood to the walls over the next couple of days.

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